Modern Law Logo – How to Modernize Your Law Firm

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Modern Law Logo

Most antiquated logos for law firms feature columns or the scales of justice. Because nothing says “legal professional” like Grecian columns from first century BC or sixteenth century scales held by Lady Justice. While trying to evoke visions of a courthouse or fairness, the column and scales have been adopted by an innumerable amount of lawyers. Consequently, its impact to make your law firm stand out has diminished.

A modern law firm logo gives an abstract image that evokes thoughts of modern legal professionalism. It’s simple, clean, and related to your practice.

A modern law logo will give your law firm a fresh look, which can show potential clients you care about being a leader in your industry. If you have a logo you may want to maintain your current image, but update it.

  • If you currently have a logo, just modernize it. You may not want something completely different, as you won’t want to confuse your current or past clients from thinking you’re a different law firm. Although, this may not apply to your firm if the law firm is relatively new.
  • Simple is king.
  • Use colors that don’t sting the eyes.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Always obtain your logo in black, white, and colors. The variation will come in handy for letterhead, website, and marketing materials.

Law Logo –Tips on What to Avoid

It’s important to choose a logo for your law firm that is easy to read and easy to look at. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised. Also, everyone wants their name in lights, but if your law firm has 4 or more names, think of featuring a few.

  • You’ll want to avoid bright/neon colors or colors that appear too bright when viewing.
  • You don’t want the logo to be too crowded. In other words if you have a long name, you won’t want to try to squeeze your slogan at the bottom.
  • If you have 4 names or more, consider highlighting the first few names rather than using an acronym.
  • Don’t use a column icon. Unless it is greatly updated.
  • Don’t use a scales of justice icon. Unless it is greatly updated.
  • Don’t use an extremely complicated design.
  • Don’t use cartoons. Cartoons rarely conjure visions of professionalism.

A modern law logo offers a law firm the chance to make a great first impression. Make sure to abide by the above rules and give your firm the professional look you’re looking for.