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SEOatty Law Firm Website Cost

The cost of a law firm website from SEOatty depends on how outdated your firm’s site is currently. If you’ve recently created a site, but need a tweak it to add brand consistency or SEO, the upgrade won’t be as costly. If you don’t have a site and need one created from scratch, don’t worry. Our pricing is extremely competitive. In addition, we’ll put measures in place to set you up for successful SEO (even if you don’t hire us to handle your SEO).

Selecting A Package

Below is a table that will help your law firm determine cost by analyzing different categories for our law firm website design. Again, the newer the website, the lower your price. Feel free to take a look at the characteristics we consider when designating your qualification package.

Work CompletedWebsite Cost Estimate
Brand New SiteNew law firm website – We haven’t updated our website in awhile. Our law firm needs a brand new site. Highly dependent on the complexity of the website and the number of pages.$4,000-$10,000
Multiple PagesI have a newer platform, but haven’t updated recently. We need a newer platform and some new pages. Cost really depends on number of pages and amount of content.$3,000-$6,500
A Few PagesI have a new site, but just need some tweaking and some new pages.$1,500-$3,000
Content OnlyNew blog please. $1,000-$1,500

The tables above are here to assist in calculating our fees. However, all law firms and attorneys looking to use our services must get a quote prior to obtaining our services. Our quote will take into account the age of your last website update, your current content, your SEO foundation, the number of lawyers in your firm, and the number of areas of practice.

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Websites are the new front door. We want yours to be welcoming, modern, and professional. Our web designers use modern tools, templates, and plugins to ensure your site is one that you’ll love. In addition, we’ll take suggestions. If you like a certain newer site we’ll see if we can find a matching template.