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Law Firm SEO Improves Your Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts your online presence by elevating your website in search results, such as, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This is done through a number of methods, which can be summed up as; we want search engines to like you. Updating metadata, creating valid backlinks, and setting up an SEO foundation are all important steps we take to ensure you site is well liked among the varying search engines.

By The Numbers

“A web site is a marketing tool for most firms and organizations, so you’ll want to make sure people are aware of it.”

– American Bar Association

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Percentage of clients who use online resources to obtain a lawyer.
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Among online tools used to find an attorney, the percentage that used a search engine.
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Percentage of clients that visit a law firm’s website to take action.
Number of clicks it can take to land your next big client.

Carefully Choose Your Law Firm’s SEO Service

It’s important to choose an SEO service that does it right. Our search engine optimization results are driven by proper SEO techniques. Too many SEO lawyer services will implement black hat SEO to get you ahead. This type of practice involves harming your competitors, using high-ranking spam sites as backlinks, and plugging your law firm in comment sections of blogs, all of which are considered by Google as misrepresentation, and it will catch up with your law firm. Possibly leading to getting blackballed by a search engine.

Our SEO Commitment

We give you a flat fee monthly quote.
You get a simple monthly flat fee on a month to month basis so you can take the guesswork out of the SEO fee.
Long lasting results.
Moving up in search engines means more clients for you. This isn’t pay per click. This is move up and it's free organic traffic.
No negative campaigns.
We don’t hurt your competitors. We make you better using ethical methods.

Understandably Fair Pricing

Our pricing is based upon the SEO foundation you already have set. If you’ve spent time updating your site, or have had a previous SEO company, then updating your site should be a breeze, and cheaper for you. Haven’t done anything? No problem. Our prices are extremely competitive, even when starting from the ground up.

We do flat fee monthly pricing so you know what the price is upfront. In addition we like to do a minimum of a four-month subscription, because commitment is key to successful results. Genuine search engine optimization results improve over time. We hope you enjoy the benefit of moving up the ranks, and continue to use us in the process. Your law firm deserves to rank higher.

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