Law Firm Consistent Branding

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When you advertise your law firm or display your name you want the consuming public to envision thoughts of professionalism. There is no better way to do this than having a consistent brand.

Consistent Branding for Law Firms

Consistent branding for law firms is the continual connection of a logo, name, and color on a client, potential client, or among other professionals. You want your name to appear in a similar font or logo across all types of marketing or media. This would be displaying your logo on every type of marketing tool, such as, letterhead, pens, signage, website, videos, etc. A consistent brand provides a familiar impression on your clients or potential clients.

The consistent use of a logo unconsciously provides familiarity to a client. Recognition from a consistent brand provides trust that you will perform consistently as well. If you develop an excellent reputation, that trust will extend anywhere someone sees your brand. Therefore, having the consistency across all platforms adds that much more credibility to your law firm. Once clients know you through consistent brand usage, the easier it is for them to recommend you to a friend.

Why Branding of Firm if Clients Hire Lawyers?

For firms the law firm is the brand under which the lawyers operate. Lawyers are automatically associated with the reputation of their firm. Branding a firm can have an impact on every lawyer working for that firm. Having a professional looking and consistent brand can not only have an impact on clients, but can also assist in recruiting or establishing a professional reputation among your peers.

Essentially branding a firm allows all lawyers working for that firm to appear more professional and can help establish a good reputation.

Branding for Solo-practitioners

Solo-practitioners often, in error, forego opting for a consistent brand because they believe establishing the brand goes hand-in-hand with the attorney. As long as it’s just one lawyer there is no issue in providing differing services and therefore the attorney is the brand.  This is a fallacy.

Solo-practitioners have the opportunity to bolster their professional appearance with the assistance of a consistent logo. Your reputation is up to you alone. However, having a brand that is consistent across your marketing platforms can help you look more professional, assist in client familiarity, and evoke professionalism to your peers.