Does My Law Firm Need Search Engine Optimization?

 In SEO for Attorneys

Why Search Engine Optimization can Help your Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the modern way of attracting clients. Among online tools, 86% of clients used a search engine to find an attorney. Consider your website the new door to your law firm, and think of top search engine results as prime real estate for your firm.

Search engine optimization should be a need for law firms based on the way clients find lawyers in today’s world. This is not pay per click. Search Engine Optimization moves your website up in natural search results and, with minimal effort, stays there indefinitely. After getting there, there is no indefinite cost per click, there is no bothersome advertisement. This is organic search results based on your law firm’s quality content.

On average, 71.33% of the clicks on a search engine are from the first page of organic search results. Page 2 and 3 result in only 5.59 % of clicks. First page results are key to clients finding your law firm. Not using SEO, and appearing on the second or third page is like having a business sign out front that’s 94% covered by brush.

The fact is you want new clients to find you. The best way to accomplish that is being located in the directory in which they are searching. Opting to improve your SEO will move you up in search engine results and allow new clients to find your firm.

So does your law firm need SEO services? Only if you prefer to be seen by 94% of the population.