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Who is SEOatty?

Our company provides attorney marketing services to law firms and solo practicing attorneys, such as, search engine optimization (SEO), website design, and consistent branding to help modernize your practice. 76% of clients use online resources to obtain a lawyer.

If you aren’t taking advantage of an online presence then you are missing out on potential client revenue. From website creation to total rebranding, our company can help update your practice to help increase market share among your competition.

SEO Services for Lawyers

Our attorney SEO services boost your online presence by updating your law firm presence in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. We give you a local footprint, and can assist in appearing in top results nationwide, where applicable. We will update your metadata, create valid backlinks, and set up an SEO foundation that will last indefinitely online. Each step we take is to ensure your site is well liked among the varying search engines.

Marketing Services for Lawyers

It’s important to keep up with competition. Our services can help you obtain a new logo, create a modern website, or get an overhaul of your law firm image. Our website design will conform to any screen via a responsive design, whether phone, desktop, or tablet. Our logos are clean, creative, and contemporary. You select your new identity among a variety of options. Our marketing services assist your law firm in becoming a modern marvel and a leader in the legal field.

Legal Marketing Working Together

While SEO, website, brand, and content are important on their own, it’s vital to have a cohesive marketing identity that results in a more professional look. Make them all work together to give your law firm brand appeal, and excellent user experiences.

  • SEO

    The ability to appear higher in search engines is a direct result of a correctly coded website and good content. You want Google to like you.

  • Website

    SEO won’t work without a correctly coded website with interesting content. Plus if you have an outdated site or internal errors Google will pay less attention.

  • Brand

    Having a consistent brand helps you look more professional. Looking more professional will attract clients to staying on your website, which impacts SEO.

  • Content

    Attracting website visitors via good content directly effects SEO by telling Google your site has low bounce rates for that specific matter.


SEOatty is an online service provider for attorneys and law firms for modern legal marketing. We provide SEO (search engine optimization) services, brand development, and website creation for the legal profession using affordable and straightforward pricing.

Our SEO services include optimizing organic search results, obtaining Google/Yahoo!/Bing business listings, updating directory information, editing metadata to your law firm’s SEO specifications, increasing website domain authority, promotion through digital word of mouth communications and practice-focused blog posts, and white hat backlinking.

We offer brand concept and brand development services that include graphic design services, such as logo creation, brand evaluation services, and cohesive brand marketing across legal marketing materials (letterhead, business cards, website, etc.).

Our legal website design service is specifically designed for lawyers. Our websites offer the best of all worlds, as we like to incorporate your modern design into the website, as well as set a winning foundation for SEO.

We offer all the legal marketing services you and your law firm need to look like a professional attorney. Simple as that.


We created this company to help lawyers create a larger footprint online. More and more clients are coming from search engine results as well as website user experiences. We can help increase your online presence as well as give you a professional, modern, and user friendly website experience.

One key aspect to SEO is having a keyword strategy but also being able to implement that strategy using your up-to-date website platform. Our attorney-focused SEO enhances your content, updates your metadata, and optimizes your website so you can appear in search engines for relevant practice-related keywords.

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